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I’m Here for You

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. (Men ask, I answer). If there is something I’ve missed, please don’t hesitate to ask. For more information, get in touch. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Before we enjoy our time together, I have a few guidelines that will ensure our time goes smoothly and very satisfying. Please take a look at the terms and conditions below to see what are the requirements for our meeting.

Let's do this right and create many memorable  experiences.


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  1. What should I expect from my first session? You can Expect a service you paid for. Description of the service is fully consistent with the service provided.

  2. What If I took appointment and I can't come?  If you take an appointment and you can't come for some reasons please inform me in advance as possible and cancel your appointment so that we could arrange another day and time. If someone takes an appointment and don't come at the time of the appointment, and don't cancel it at least 2-3 hours in advance, and it happens several times, I may not be able to attend or provide any services to this person in the future. I understand that circumstances can change and you may need to cancel our date. However please do be considerate of my time as I am always considerate of yours. If you cancel 6 hours in advance we can reschedule our meeting (not more than 3 times). if you paid the deposit it will be rescheduled for our next meeting (in case you cancel our meetings 3 times this deposit will not be refunded and could not be transferred to new appointments). To reschedule a date please contact me in WhatsApp at least 6 hours before our meeting. However if you had an appointment for longer than 6 hours and you made a deposit and then cancel in less than 6 hours in advance then I am afraid you will forfeit your deposit. ​In case of short bookings (less than 6 hours) you do not need a deposit to make a booking, thus you loose nothing if you cancel our meeting in less than 6 hours. We can easily reschedule it. In case we reschedule our meeting 3 times and you cancel it 3 times for all the next bookings a 20% deposit will be required. 

  3. What if I am late? In this case please inform me and we will meet later or other day. Please respect my time and inform about any delays or cancelations. I recommend to organise time properly to avoid being late. When calculating the time take into account time that you need to get to the place, traffic jams, parking time, waiting for taxi.

  4. What if I don't know at what time exactly I can come? In this case please take an appointment only when you are sure that you can meet me to avoid cancelation of the appointment. Every cancelation of the appointment is a waste of time so please respect my time as I respect yours. 

  5. What if I am close to you right now and I am free, can I come in 5 minutes? Yes, It is possible. If I am at home and I am free at this moment we can meet. In this case please take into consideration that I may have no make up, no hairstyle or wet hair, no lingerie because you simply didn't leave me time for this. Try to inform me at least 1-2 hours in advance, perfectly 1 day in advance so that I could organise my time properly. I appreciate if a real gentlemen could inform me about our meeting at least 24 hours in advance so that I could be prepared for your Rendez-Vous.  In general I always ask to take an appointment in advance to be sure we can meet at your desirable time. I will try to adjust my schedule to be able to meet you

  6. What if I want services that are not listed on this website? You can share with me your desires, and If I am able to do it and if we agree on a price then you can get what you want. Always ask me about special services if they are not listed here. Please inform me about your special inquiries  when you take an appointment in WhatsApp. Describe me what you want to do and I will confirm if it is possible or not. In no case is possible hurting me too much when I feel pain (I don't like to feel pain). For example I can act like your slave but it will be just a role-play not serious. You can spank me or pull my hair, but not hard. try not to bite my clitoris very hard because it hurts, just caress your tongue. I can not afford  to leave bruises on my body, suctions, scratches, piles, or anything else that can be seen on my body after our meeting.  ​I do not kiss or make love in public places where other people could see us. We can make love outside but only in an abandoned place or crowded free place (somewhere in the forest or near the lake where no one can pass by and see us). ​I cant make a gang bang and make love with more than 2 men at the same time. There is no service of double penetration, no fisting. If it is trio or couple I can not invite you at my apartment for security reasons. we can meet at your place or at the hotel. ​If you want to make love with 2 girls you should find the second girl yourself. I do not have friends among girls.  I can be your slave but only as a role-play without hurting me for real. ​I can wear uniforms. ​I can dominate, I have an experience. ​I don't make free video calls. if someone want to make a video call he can make a donation and after I will have received it we can make a video call. ​I don't chat in WhatsApp for free. If you want a service of erotic chat or informative chat you can make a donation and after I will have received it we can start to chat. For free I receive messages in WhatsAp with inquiries for appointments and confirm them. If you have any question the answer on which is not mentioned on my website you can ask me in WhatsApp and I will answer you for free but before check carefully all the pages of my website to be sure that there is really no information you are looking for. Questions like : where are you from, how old are you, where are you located, what are your prices and services, do you do anal will not be answered in free chat (only after donations) because all this information is  already provided for you on my website, you just need to open the need section (prices, services, location, about me) and read it all carefully. ​I do not answer calls from hidden numbers for security reasons. ​Gifts and tips are welcome and can be additional to donations but in no case donations can be replaced by gifts or tips. Gifts tips or donations once received can never be asked to be returned or refunded. All the gifts, tips or donations are made voluntarily and may not be refunded. ​I do not send my photos or videos in free chat in WhatsApp. If you want to see my erotic photos and videos you can subscribe to my page onlyfans. (paid subscription). ​Any recordings during our meeting are prohibited unless we agree on price. You cant shoot me, record video or make photos of me or of us without my consent, permission and extra payment. ​I am an independent massage therapist and travel escort. I do not pay any commissions anyone, no one represents me, I do not have a manager. I do not work in an escort agency. All negotiations with clients I hold myself. ​Any service is provided only after the donation is received by me. I do not provide services for free or in debt or in exchange.

  7. What if we like each other can we make love without a condom? No. In no case vaginal or anal sexual contact is provided without a condom. I never have intimate relationships without a condom (except for oral). There is no price for it. Health is above all.

  8. What if I accidentally take off the condom? It is illegal and it is called stealthing. Non-consensual condom removal, or "stealthing", is the practice of a man removing a condom during sexual intercourse without consent, when his sex partner has only consented to condom-protected sex. Victims are exposed to potential sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV/AIDS, or unwanted pregnancies. Such behaviour may be therefore regarded as sexual assault or rape, and sometimes as a form of reproductive coercion. As of 2020, stealthing is punishable as a form of sexual violence. Purposefully damaging a condom before or during intercourse is referred to as stealthing. We respect  health of each other so try to look after the condom to be sure that it is on the right place, it is not torned or broken and that our health is protected.

  9. What if I want to take your panties or other things that belong to you? You should ask me and we agree about the price. Taking other people's things without asking is regarded as theft and is punishable by law.

  10. What if I want to pay after I get the service to check if I like it or not? No, it is not possible. First you proceed the payment, after I provide a service agreed, that you paid for.  First you proceed the payment, after I provide services.

  11. What if I paid and I am not satisfied with the service provided, can I take my money back? What if I want a refund? No, it is not possible. All the services are non refundable after they were provided regardless of personal perception of the received service. There is no refund even if: you didn't like anything, you used less services, you spent less time, you received a call and must go right now, you changed your mind, you didn't get what you were expecting, you didn't read the terms and conditions and expected to receive a service which I do not provide, you expected to receive a discount or under any other circumstances.

  12. What if I want to leave tips? You are welcome. I appreciate gentlemen who leave tips if they want to.

  13. What if I paid for erotic massage and the size of my genitals do not let me enjoy fully penetration? Can I get my money back? No, it is not possible to get a refund. Before the appointment please check the size of your genitals. Penetration is possible only if the circumference of your genitals (penis) is less or equals 13 centimetres in circumference. (The length of your genitals doesn't matter, the depth of vagina is 11 cm for tantric massage, if your length is 25 cm it means that 11 cm  will be inside and the rest outside the vagina). If your genitals don't fit the requirements and are too big we still can enjoy the time just without penetration. Refund is not applicable.

  14. What if I don't know the meaning of some words, can you explain me? No, I don't explain the meaning of the words. You can google the meaning of the words in internet.

  15. What if I like drugs like cocaine, can I bring the stuff with me and use at your apartment? No, it is not possible. You can use illegal substances at your own apartment  or hotel. In my apartment it is prohibited to bring and use any illegal substances including cocaine. I understand that some people enjoy the use of drugs and alcohol, however, I prefer not to use drugs and I am a social drinker (I drink only as a company and a bit). Even if I don't use drugs and alcohol you can use drugs at your place, alcohol at both your place and my place. I do not sell drugs or alcohol, so you can bring all you need with you  (in case it is in small amounts  I always have for us some beer, red and white wine, sparkling wine, water, juices, cola, martini, whisky, rum, ice). I have no drugs and I don't sell drugs and I don't organise buying drugs neither I have contacts of drug dealers. If you want to use drugs you should organise where to get it and where to use it  yourself.  ​I would ask you to control your drugs or alcohol consumption so we can have a genuine good time. In case you will be to drunk or overdosed by drugs and you will behave yourself inadequately I have a right to end the appointment without refund. When you take an appointment you agree with this terms and conditions. 

  16. What if I invite you to my apartment/hotel, will you use cocaine or other illegal substances with me? No, it is not possible. I do not use neither cocaine nor other illegal substances neither in my apartment nor in any other place. I can make you a good company and without using any illegal substances. I am always passionate, I like to talk, I am opened to new experience, I can be your lover, friend or companion and without any drugs.

  17. What if I add illegal substances secretly to your glass of wine or water when you don't see it? No, it is not allowed, moreover it is illegal and will be prosecuted.

  18. What if I want to drink alcohol in your or in my apartment, can I do it? Will you drink with me? Yes, it is possible. You can drink and I can drink alcohol if it is opened in front of me to be sure that no illegal substances were added inside. In general I prefer not to drink. 1-2 glasses of wine or champagne I can drink. 1 litre of whisky I will not drink.

  19. What if I have Sexually Transmitted Diseases? What if I don't know wether I have any sexually transmitted diseases or not? Please visit your doctor, take medical tests to see your results. Incase you have any symptoms of any sexually transmitted diseases please cancel the appointment until you are not totally cured. In case you have any sexually transmitted diseases confirmed please cancel the appointment until you are not totally cured. Sexually Transmitted Diseases include: Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Genital Herpes, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS & STDs, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, Chancroid, Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV), Mycoplasma genitalium, Ectoparasitic Infections (i.e., pediculosis pubis, or pubic lice, and scabies), Zika, Ebola. I have the highest respect for my body and personal health and will only meet with clients who are free of diseases. when taking an appointment you agree that you have no diseases. In other case do not take an appointment to meet me in person and use services online like erotic video call. 

  20. What if I have Coronavirus (COVID-19) or Monkeypox? In this case cancel the appointment and come back when you are totally cured.

  21. What if I want to see your medical analytics? Yes, it is possible. I provide medical analytics upon request.

  22. What if I want to hurt you? What if I like to make people suffer and feel pain? No, it is not possible with me. I do not admit any forms of pain. We met to enjoy time together so please avoid to hurt me fisically.  I understand that when we are in passion sometimes it is hard to control everything. Just try not to bite me too hard, leave bruises, suctions, pull hair too hard, grab or squeeze my arms or legs tightly because it can leave bruises on my skin and it is not beautiful and not enjoyable for me.

  23. What if my time is finished and I want to continue and I can pay more? Yes, it is possible. Sometimes our time together passes all too quickly and you find yourself craving more of my affection... naturally! I will always do my best to accommodate such request and fulfil your desires. However, this may not always be possible, which is why I encourage longer bookings. Please be aware of my fully transparent rates and make necessary payment at the start of the extended period, using payment methods indicated below, so that we can continue to enjoy our time together uninterrupted.

  24. What if my time is finished and I want to continue and I can't pay more? In this case if the paid time is finished and extra time is not paid the session is finished. I can not continue to provide services if they are not paid. I can not spend more time with you if this time is not paid. Time counts from the moment we meet till the moment you go (if it is an outcall till I go).

  25. What if I want to spend time with you for free? Can we just be friends and spend time  together without any payment? No, It is not possible. Any time that we spend together must be paid. Even if you want just to drink some coffee with me, walk, go shopping, go to the cinema, come to your party. To accompany you at breakfast, shopping, walking, chilling this is all service which is called Escort and which must be paid as any other service provided must be paid.

  26. What if I want to chat for free? No, It it not possible. To Chat means to provide a service, and as any other service it must be paid. Please don't share with me your intimate photos or information in a free chat. You can make donations for a paid private chat and there I will see your erotic photos and we will chat or talk about your desires. In free chat I only schedule the appointments.

  27. What if I want twice more time for twice less price? No, it is not possible. If you want to pay less you stay less time or receive less services. We can always agree on prices and services if you are not greedy or principled, if you are ready to make concessions.

  28. What if I don't want anybody to know about our meeting? Yes, it is possible. Our Rendez-Vous are discreet. I do not disclose any information (what I saw or what I heard) about you or our meeting to the third parties, you do not disclose information about me to the third parties. In case I come to your hotel or villa/ apartment/ yacht I always dress properly and elegant and behave properly so no one will notice me. I dress in an elegant feminine manner but also try to blend in. I wear delicate jewellery, tasteful designer high heels and smart-casual clothing with Italian lingerie worn underneath. I am well groomed, wear light perfume (noting  that will transfer to your closing) and apply a little make-up. I wear my hair in natural waves or straitened and carry an elegant handbag. I also have no tattoos or body piercings except for my ears. I am a non-smoker and minimal drinker and speak in low quiet voice, so nothing will be overheard. I practice discretion wherever we go and ask that you do, too.

  29. What if I want you to be my girlfriend? Yes, it is possible. 20 000 € for 1 month as compensation. Prepaid. More info upon request in paid consultation.

  30. What if I write you several times, several days, ask questions answers on which are already indicated on this website and finally do not take an appointment, can I write you again later, ask the same questions several times and get an appointment? If you pay in advance for the meeting - yes. If you pay for chat - yes. If you message me and use my time without paying for it and without taking an appointment I will not be able to answer your questions or messages anymore until you pay for chat or for the appointment. I respect time of every and each person and I ask everyone to respect my time in return. Please contact me only if you are sure that you really want to meet me, that you really have time to spend with me.  If someone doesn't want to pay for a chat and continues to chat  for free, this messages will not be answered. Please write me only if you really want and can arrange a meeting with me or if  you have questions answers on which are not indicated on this website.

  31. What if I want to blackmail or manipulate you to get a discount? No, it is not possible. Moreover, blackmailing and manipulation are illegal and are prosecuted by law.

  32. What if I want you to come to me, should I pay extra for the taxi? Sometimes yes, if you live far from my apartment.

  33. What if I want to grab videos of our meetings? No, it is not possible unless we agreed on price for this extra service. Grab videos of our meetings without my consent, without my permission is illegal and is prosecuted by law.

  34. What If I forgot something at your apartment? You can contact me and if you are not mistaken and you really forgot something at my apartment, you can come and pick it.

  35. What if I want you to put on some special lingerie can you do it? Yes, it is possible. You can indicate the color or style or model that you saw me wearing on photos/ videos and I will put it on (hairstyle straight or curly or pony tale, dress or skirt color and type of lingerie , high heels or sneakers). Some requests can be fulfilled only when informed in advance.

  36. What if I want to meet many different girls, can you call your friends? No, it is impossible and moreover it is illegal. To  give contacts of other girls is organised prostitution which is illegal. I work as an independent escort and massage therapist which is legal. I work alone. I do not provide any contacts  of any other girls. I do not have a manager. I am not a manager. When you contact me you communicate directly with me. When you take appointment with me it means that you meet me not any other girl.

  37. What if I think you are a scam or a boy? Can we make a video call to confirm that you are the girl from the photos? If you can pay for a video call - yes, sure, we can make a video call and you will see me online and we can talk and know each other better before the meeting in person. If you can't or don't wish pay for a private video call you can visit my life stream on my twitch account when I go life. Once a day or once a week for 15 min, depending on my schedule and availability. If you neither can or wish to pay for a private video call nor can you wait for my life stream on my twitch account when I go life, and you want to make a video call right now for free, then no, it is not possible. For free you can always check my Instagram feed where I add videos and photos from the last 24 hrs, so you can be sure how I look specifically today. Thus eliminates the need for a free private video call to confirm my identity. Moreover, all my advertisements are verified by the websites on which they are published. Verification process means that I provide my ID card, photos of me with my ID card and the website confirms that the girl from the advertisement is a real person from the ID provided, that photos in the advertisement match with the photos in the documents provided for the registration on this website. Thus, when you the website with advertisements , you open my advertisement and you see the phrase "photos verified/ verified account/ verified" it means that the website as a third party confirms the identity of a person, that this is not a scam, this is not a man, that photos in the advertisement match 100% with the photos in the documents provided for the registration on this website, that this is the same person. All my advertisements on all the websites are verified, It means that I am the girl  from the advertisement, photos in the advertisement match 100% me in real life. 100% guarantee that no photoshop is used, no filters are used, none of my photos or videos are retouched. All of the images are an accurate representation of myself. So you have absolutely no need to worry, if you like me on the photos and videos you won't be disappointed meeting me in real.

  38. What if I want to call you and discuss all the services personally with you by phone? No, it is not possible. I do not discuss or confirm any services by phone. All services are discussed and confirmed in messages in WhatsApp or in SMS in case you don't have WhatsApp, don't want to use WhatsApp or don't have internet connection. The list of services I offer you can check on the page SERVICES on this website. 

  39. What if I want to pay in cash? What are other payment methods available? Yes, it is possible. You can pay in cash. Currencies accepted: EUR, GBP, USD. Payment methods accepted: cash, Paypal (only Paypal donations are accepted. If you pay with Paypal as for a friend or as for goods in this case I will not be able to provide any services), Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express (with the payment terminal or online), Apple Pay/ Google Pay, USDT (TRON network), Paxum, Western Union/ MoneyGram (for bookings from 24 hrs), SEPA Direct Debit. No refund is applicable. Confirmation of the transaction with transaction ID strongly required. If you made the transaction but you cant provide the transaction ID or transaction ID is not valid in this case the transfer is not considered completed and I will not provide the service. The service is provided only after I receive a full amount paid on my account using one of the methods above. If you send me the confirmation with the transaction ID but I still have not received it on my account in this case the transfer is not considered completed and I will not provide the service until I don't receive the full amount on my account. In some cases it may take up to 14 business days (like in case of SEPA Direct Debit, which is a reusable, delayed notification payment method. This means that it can take up to 14 business days to receive notification on the success or failure of a payment after you initiate a debit from the customer's account, though the average is five business days). You can not cancel the transaction after the service was provided. It is illegal and is prosecuted by law. Paying with counterfeit banknotes is illegal and is prosecuted by law. Before our meeting please check that you are able to proceed the payment, that you have enough money on the account you use as a payment method, be sure that you are not out of limits, your account is not blocked, frozen or restricted. In case you pay in cash please check that you don't forget your wallet at home, that you have the full amount in cash that you wish to pay, check that banknotes are not counterfeit. Bank checks are not accepted. Invoice is provided upon request. If you chose a cash payment method the payment is made when we meed before I start to provide the services. Services are provided after the payment in cash is received, checked and recalculated and confirmed. Banknotes equivalent to 500 euro are not admitted. If you chose other payment method mentioned above the account from which you proceed the payment must be on your name. To pay with the card or from the account which is not registered on your legal name is illegal and is prosecuted by law. With regard to patronage, it is expected that you are fully aware and familiar with the rate structure. Donation can be made by cash or you can make donation on my website online. Any electronic payments must be requested in advance of our meeting and will be accepted at my discretion. If we are meeting at a place of your choice I ask that you put the whole amount without an exchange in an unsealed envelope in plain sight. In public settings I ask that the envelope is placed in a gift bag or greeting card and presented to me within the first 10 minutes of our date. I ask you to have the full amount for our schedule appointment waiting upon my arrival to avoid any misunderstandings or inconvenience. If you make donation in cash lease give me the whole amount at the first minute that we meet at my apartment, or your accommodation or at the hotel and only after we can start our intimate relations. ​If you make a donation not in a public place and you need an exchange you can inform me about it in advance and I will prepare he exchange. ​Upscale gentlemen don't need to be reminded about fees. Please check all the prices before our meeting and be prepared. 

  40. What if I want to smoke in your apartment? Yes, It is possible. You can smoke in my apartment. I personally don't smoke.

  41. What if I want to contact you, should I message you in WhatsApp? Yes, It is my preference to use WhatsApp as a primary method of communication. Please take into consideration that I won't always be available to answer your inquiries as soon as you submit them. I ask for your patience and understanding as I make every effort to get back to you in a timely manner. Before contacting me, please, be sure that you have read all the pages of my site. Answers on 90% of the questions I receive are already published on this website. For this reason please respect my time and private life and read all the information provided on this website before sending me your questions in WhatsApp. If you don't find the proper answer on your question on my website then contact me in WhatsApp and I will be glad to answer all your questions and to organise our meeting.

  42. What if I live in another city/ country can you come to me? Yes, it is possible. I am available for private travelling. If you are interested in booking a FLY ME TO YOU DATE I will politely request that you provide all the needed information about yourself and the place of our stay. Extra  costs that may occur, such as admissions or air tickets are not included in the rates. I will require 100% of the travel costs upfront. A deposit of 50% of my booking fee in order to reserve the time we will spend together. Minimum travel booking is 12 hours. We can organise all the details of my trip in a paid private chat. We can organise all the details of my trip for free if I have already received the compensation agreed. If you cancel the trip there is no refund. If you want to change dates, please inform me at least 7 days in advance otherwise the change or refund are not applicable.

  43. What if I want to know more about your location, photos, prices, services? All the information about photos, prices, services, location, working hours is provided on this website. I appreciate if you contact me to ask questions answers on which are not indicated on my website. Otherwise I will not answer these questions in a free not paid chat. If you don't want to waste your time reading all the information provided on my website, you can compensate my time in a paid private chat and I will personally tell you all the same information that is provided on my website and answer all your questions.

  44. What if we agreed on our meeting, should I pay in advance or I can donate when we meet in person? Yes, you can pay when we meet. No, you don't need to pay in advance. Deposit is not required for bookings for less than 6 hours. a deposit 20% is requires to confirm encounters starting from 6 hours and 100% for FLY ME TO YOU DATES. Regrettably, deposits are non-refundable, but they can be put towards a rescheduled date if you cancel 24h in advance. (7 days in advance for FLY TO ME dates).

  45. What if I want to spoil you? Gifts are never expected but will make me blush and smile in thanks. What girl doesn't love gifts? However, if you would like to get me something really special you can check my Wishlist in the section "ABOUT" on this website or my Amazon Wishlist which you can find below in the website footer.

  46. What if I dont know wether you live alone or not? You can always ask me if you are not sure. I live alone. Always. I rent my apartment alone and live alone. I do not have other girls in my apartment, there is  always only me. I have cats, but don't worry, they will not disturb you. I always disinfect my apartment so even if you have an allergy there is no can hair anywhere, so you have nothing to worry about.


PLEASE NOTE: IF SOMEONE CONTACTS ME FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE OTHER THAN TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT (AFTER I HAVE PROVIDED YOU ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT ME ON THIS WEBSITE) LIKE INFORMATION REQUEST, VAGUE INQUIRIES,  ABUSIVE OR EXPLICIT MESSAGES, SELLING,MARKETING RESEARCH REQUESTS, ASKING ME ABOUT THE SAME THINGS THAT ARE INDICATED ON MY WEBSITE, (IF SOMEONE DOESN'T WANT TO READ WHAT IS WRITTEN ON MY WEBSITE AND ASKS TO TELL HIM THE SAME BUT IN PRIVATE MESSAGES) I can offer to donate to start a private chat. In case a person doesn't want to switch from free chat  to private chat and continues to send me inappropriate messages such messages may not be answered and the phone number may be blocked. For any  special enquiries please make a donation and proceed to a private chat where I could discuss with you our issue and answer all your questions calmly.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

All rights reserved ©. All images, videos and texts are protected by copyright laws. Any copyright infringement will be prosecuted by law.



Never do anything illegal, never do anything without my consent, never do anything without my permission, never do anything without my agreement.

All the gifts, tips or donations are made voluntarily and may not be refunded.


Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be for or compensated for in any manner.



If you take an Appointment with me you automatically agree with all the terms and conditions indicated in the FAQ section above.

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